About Corporate Photographer David Durochik 608-466-6622

I have worked in Chicago for over 20 years and now spit my time between Chicago and the LaCrosse/Madison Wisconsin area.  In that time I have made myself into a very versatile photographer. My work encompasses corporate portraits, marketing/pr and sports. I specialize in location photography for corporate work, usually working within small windows of time with busy executives. My goal is to find some common ground, making the subject comfortable and get the subject to work with me to have great results. My work regularly appears in legal publications, corporate collateral materials and websites.

The marketing/public relations work, consists of working with many different types of clients; schools, corporations and sports. Some of my clients include: Morgan Stanley, Washington University, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox and Nike. My objectives vary:  conveying a message to the community, brand placement or news worthy events.

Along with work mentioned, I also shoot sports and operate a sports stock agency.  Covering mostly professional and collegiate sports, I have a network of photographers that work with myself in providing images for the agency, SportPics www.sportpicsonline.com . SportPics provides images to publications, websites, marketing and advertising outlets.

The combinations of these separate forms of photography have developed me into a visual, adaptive and efficient shooter.  Both styles feed from each other when capturing images. Bringing the framing and lighting from the corporate work to my sports and bringing the fast pace of anticipatation, to see and react to the action of sports, to the corporate side, adapting to immediate changes of location and times while on site.

Always looking for new opportunities, it would be exciting to help create and capture your vision for your project. Please call with any questions you may have for your upcoming photography needs.